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Henney's Cider Classic Championship

The 2020 Bugatti Owners' Club Henney's Cider Classic Championship 

The Championship Regulations and Registration forms etc are now available, please see below

The Bugatti Owners' Club Henney's Cider Classic Speed Championship is organised and administered by the Bugatti Owners' Club. 

Motorsport UK Permit No: CH2020/S049 (C)

Drivers and Entrant/Drivers must be fully paid up valid membership card holding members of the Bugatti Owners' Club Ltd, be registered for the Championship and be in possession of a valid National  STATUS Licence minimum.

Competitors must register at least seven days before the first event in which they intend to compete. Entry into the Championship commences from the date of registration. Drivers must compete in a minimum of six dedicated rounds to qualify for an end of season award.

Important Information Regarding HANS device for 2020, please Click Here

2020 Championship Regulations

Are now available, to download please Click Here

2020 Championship Registration Form

Is now available to download please Click Here

2020 Commentators Form 

Is now available to download please Click Here 

For the latest information please click here

To Download the Prescott Speed Hill Climb 2020 Supplementary Regulations Click Here

Please click below to go to the Henney's Cider website