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Frequently Asked Questions

What experience and training do I need to start marshalling?  
None!  Just an interest in motorsport, training will be provided on post whilst marshalling and at specific training events usually held at the start of each season and in July.  No special skills are needed to start marshalling.

What equipment and clothing do I need?
To start with natural fibre clothing such as jeans, long sleeved cotton shirt, stout or safety boots and a set of waterproofs.  To avoid clashing with the flag signals red should be avoided.  Once you have decided that marshalling is something that you want to do on a regular basis you can then move into buying orange overalls and more equipment if you decide to.  Please see the attached checklist for further information. We can give you help and advice in sourcing clothing and equipment.

I would like to have a go marshalling but not sure if its for me.
Please contact Kevin Cornwall, Chief Marshal who can arrange for you to come along and try it out.  Your first day usually consists of a ½ day tour of the venue then be allocated to a marshal post for the afternoon.

How many days do I need to marshal a year?
That is entirely up to you, there is no minimum number.  Some marshals will attend one day a year, others will do every day.  However many you do your contribution will be greatly appreciated.

What will it cost me?
The only cost involved will be for travel to the venue, food and equipment.  Entry will be free and you will get the best view possible with no one in your way!  Marshalling is a hobby and although marshals don’t get paid for their services the Club does give you £10 towards your expenses. Members of the Prescott Marshals Club also get a free lunch on race days.

Is it just Prescott I can marshal at?
No there are plenty of other venues (hill climbs and circuits) that need marshals, further information can be provided.  The Motor Sports Association (MSA) run a marshals grading scheme so other venues will be aware of your training and experience.

Is it Dangerous?
All motor sport can be dangerous however marshals posts are well protected with barriers and placed in careful locations to minimise the risks to marshals.