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New Marshals Checklist

Things to do before the event

  1. Check clothes:
    • Overalls aren’t mandatory although they will protect you from fire and keep clothes underneath clean.
    • Shoes/boots – should not be trainers but stout boots, steel toecaps optional.
    • All clothes worn should be of natural fibres (cotton, wool) i.e. jeans, long sleeve shirts, woollen socks in case of fire. Avoid red clothes as drivers could mistake you for a red flag.
  2. Pack a bag, which should include:
    • Tickets – to get in!! You should have been sent some in the post prior to the event.
    • Waterproofs – jacket & trousers (any colour but red).
    • Packed lunch/flask/water – never know if or when a lunch break will be taken.
    • Gloves – welder’s gauntlets are best for general marshalling, £5 or so from welder’s shops or available at Prescott.
    • Caps – handy for keeping sun & rain out of eyes.
    • Sunglasses if you need them in bright conditions.
    • Woolly hat – keep your head warm if necessary.
    • Sun Cream of a high factor – just in case we get a sunny day and you are in the sun all day.
    • Whistle.
    • Black bin bag – put your normal bag in it to keep it fairly waterproof it if rains.
    • Spare clothes – in case it is colder than you thought – always better to have more layers than necessary.
  3. Check sign on location/time. (Details should be on the letter with your tickets).
  4. If for any reason you are unable to attend even at the last minute let the Chief Marshal know.        

On the day

  • Allow plenty of time to travel to the venue in time to sign on with the Chief Marshal.
  • Have tickets handy in the car for getting in.
  • If you are unsure where to park or what to do ASK any marshal (usually in orange), we all had a first day once and they will be happy to help.
  • Listen to the briefings given by the Chief Marshal and your Post Chief.
  • Ask questions at any time.

After the event

  • If you have any comments good or bad please let the Chief Marshal know, we are always looking for ways to improve marshalling at Prescott.